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Ozon Air Duct Cleaning proposes its customers air duct cleaning reviews that will help to define the volume of work and the price of the services

Ron Preblick


Fantastic !!! Totally worth it. Worked their butts off and were very reasonable. All vents cleaned and repaired dryer vent. Excellent work. Description of work: Vent cleaning.

Walter Forero


The two gentlemen that did the work were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They arrived exactly on time and called in advance to let me know they were on their way. They did the cleaning very quickly but also took the time to explain to me areas of potential improvement since I am new to the house. I will definitely refer them to others and will use them in the future - Walter Description of work: Dryer Duct Cleaning

Nechama Kohn


They came on time and performed the services in a clean and neat environment. Description of work: HVAC system and Vent cleaning

Harsh Shah


very smoothly Description of work: very through, took full 3 hrs, will work with him again.

Michael Craven


Absolutely fantastic. Serg and his coworker arrived on time and were nothing but professional. The job took around 3 hours to complete and they involved me along the way with before and after pictures. I was able to watch them go around and open every register to clean from the top down and then work all the dust and debris into their collection system in my basement. In addition, I asked Serg if he could seal up the existing holes in the ductwork and he agreed for a small extra fee. If you are thinking you need to have your ducts cleaned, book these guys now. Description of work: I needed my ducts cleaned after seeing that the previous owners left openings in the ductwork from a previous renovation. It allowed mice and other pests to a one way trip inside our duct system.

Julie Cho


They were very responsive, courteous, professional and on time. I loved seeing the before and after pictures. Description of work: whole house air duct cleaning.

Christopher Taylor


Professional and courteous. Got the job done and offered some advice on my dryer set up. Highly recommend. Description of work: Cleaned dryer vent.

Donald Klein


Professional, prompt, great service. Technician was honest and informative. Great service. Description of work: Duct cleaning

John Lee


Excellent job. Best money I've spent. Description of work: Cleaned out my air ducts.

JoAnn Montero


Very Responsive Description of work: Cleaned air Ducts

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