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Air duct cleaning reviews

Total reviews count: 252

Ozon Air Duct Cleaning proposes its customers air duct cleaning reviews that will help to define the volume of work and the price of the services

Michael Melillo


great. the guy was really nice, thorough, showed me pictures and gave advice on how to keep system clean moving forward. Description of work: air duct cleaning and sanitization

Cynthia altman


The two men arrived promptly. They were polite and professional and very helpful. They did such a god job cleaning up that you would never have known they were in the house. Description of work: I had my air ducts cleaned.

Isabella Smalera


Excellent. Great attention to detail. Description of work: Clean air ducts in entire home

Hong Shao


Excellent work Description of work: Clean up all duct work

Sherrel Carvalho


I am very happy with the service. They were very honest and professional . It was our first time having this service for our home and they answered all our concerns . I am very happy they also checked our dryer because it was very bad and filled with lint. The price was also great. They gave us a two hour arrival time and called before they came which was perfect. I have only positive things to say , we were very happy and would recommend Ozon Duct Cleaning. Description of work: Air Duct cleaning and dryer vent and transmission cleaning

Angela Marie


Fabulously. Description of work: Dan and Serge were fantastic. These gents were polite, efficient in and out in an hour. They cleaned the vents and deodorized all the ducts. I immediately stopped sneezing in my home. I would hire them again and recommend them to anyone.

Anna Platovska


It was really easy to schedule an appointment, two guys showed up in the beginning of the arrival window, job was done efficiently and the was no mess. I will use them next year. Description of work: Fireplace cleaning

Raj Sachin


Very Good. Description of work: I registered with OZON air duct cleaning through angies list.The appointment scheduling went flawless. In fact,I have to reschedule because my condo association requires an insurance and registration certificate from vendor before I use. Ozon promptly forwarded all the papers and I was able to reschedule at a convenient date and they were very flexible in accommodating my request.The service person showed up promptly at the date and time of service. Initially, tech walked through the home to see where all the air and return vents are located and did some quick assessment followed by quickly getting on to work.We had approximately 19 vents and all were thoroughly cleaned.I was very satisfied with the professionalism and quality of the work they performed. Please see before and after pics of one of my return vent.This stands testimony to the quality of the work performed by OZON. They also advised me to clean my HVAC system (blower) since the blower also accumulated dirt over time and showed me pics of dirt.Since I'm satisfied with air vent cleaning services , I hired them again to clean HVAC blower a weak later.Two technicians showed promptly on the date and time and finished the cleaning job in about hour and half reinstalled cleanly and vacuumed all the dust that was left on the carpet.Couple of days later I requested OZON to provide a certificate/letter that cleaning was performed at my residence on that date. I intended to use the letter for my home appraisal.They promptly sent the letter to my email.I would hire them again after couple of years.I would strongly recommend them and wish them good luck. Raj Sachin Wayne, NJ

Roland Crump


The people were very good. I was very happy.  They were darn near perfect.  I had no problem with this guy.  I would absolutely use them again. They were right on time.  There was two guys. One worked upstairs and one downstairs.  They didn't talk, just worked.  I really enjoyed it.  Great job. Description of work: Vent cleaning.

Peter Massacani


Excellent. The 2 workers who showed up were respectful of me and my property. They were also professional and friendly. Description of work: Cleaning and sanitizing of duct work in my home.

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