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Roland Crump

Review: The people were very good. I was very happy.  They were darn near perfect.  I had no problem with this guy.  I would absolutely use them again. They were right on time.  There was two guys. One worked upstairs and one downstairs.  They didn't talk, just worked.  I really enjoyed it.  Great job. Description of work: Vent cleaning.

Peter Massacani

Review: Excellent. The 2 workers who showed up were respectful of me and my property. They were also professional and friendly. Description of work: Cleaning and sanitizing of duct work in my home.

Michelle Alleyne

Review: It went very well! Description of work: vent cleaning

Jen Terepka

Review: I received a call from the technician giving me an estimate time of arrival, which was accurate, When the two technicians arrived, Dan and Serg, they introduced themselves. I brought them in and directed to the vents. They quickly got to work and explained what they would be doing. They also showed me pictures of my dirty vents and then showed me the after pictures. Wow was all I could say. They also showed me the dust and debris that had come out of my air ducts. They took me through the whole process. Serg also wanted to show me a dangerous concern. He showed me the exhaust vent on my furnace was rotted and leaking carbon monoxide into my house. He strongly suggested we had this fixed asap. For an additional $150.00 I could have had my furnace blower cleaned or as they instructed, I could wait until the next visit if I preferred. I did decide to wait a little while. They also let me know how often I should have these cleanings.I was very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and accuracy. I would definitely hire Ozon again and plan to for my next cleaning. I believe the price was quite reasonable for the work performed. Description of work: We wanted to have our air ducts cleaned because it had been a long time since they were done. We bought our house in 2009 and found that the ducts hadn't been cleaned since 2002. I also wanted out dryer duct cleaned.

Constantine Theodosiou

Review: Excellent work from a polite staff. Highly recommended! Description of work: Clean heating air ducts

Gerald Sherief

Review: It went very well. Noticed an immediate improvement in air quality after they removed a lot of cat hair. Gave us instructions on how often to clean the vents i.e. when to have the service again. Description of work: Duct cleaning.

Hamsa Kesavan

Review: The technician Dan did a very good job. Description of work: Air duct cleaning and dryer went cleaning

Rifaqat Baig

Review: Great company! Prompt, professional, affordable and hard working! They are a newer company with exceptional customer service! I was informed of what was going on every step of the way and given advice on what do for ongoing maintenance. After we had the work completed we noticed a leak from one of our units a week later, I called them up and although they knew it was nothing they had done they were kind enough to come back and take a look for me...and were even able to fix the problem! Would highly recommend them and use them again and again! Description of work: Had dual vent systems cleaned as well as the dryer vent

Denise McDaniel

Review: Very professional. I received a call within 24 hours of paying through Angie's list. Suggested coming out on a Sunday which worked well for me and my husband. Called on day of appointment to let me know he was on his way. Arrived on time, took his shoes off so he would not to track into the house since it had been raining. He took before and after pictures which were very telling on how much dust he cleaned from the return duct and all other vents throughout the house. He was very thorough, efficient and cleaned up as he went along. I'm still amazed of dust he cleaned out. I would highly recommend this company. Description of work: Cleaned air ducts

Vu Tran

Review: Excellent. They were on time. Did a thorough job. The price was the same as what shown on Angie's list. Serge (the technician) was very professional. He noticed that we don't wear shoes in the house so he took off his before entering. He took before and after pics to show the marked improvements. I had mine done about 5 yrs ago by a local company, the work they did was no where near Ozon Air Duct Cleaning. I strongly recommend Ozon Air Duct Cleaning to everyone. Description of work: I had my air duct and dryer vent cleaned.

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