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Ozon Air Duct Cleaning proposes its customers air duct cleaning reviews that will help to define the volume of work and the price of the services

Bruce Yung


I am very pleased with the service. Technitians arrived on the day and time quoted, they took their shoes off before entering home. I was truly impressed by the fact that the technician took great care to remove the vent covers carefully so as to not ruin the paint or the grills. They also showed me before and after pictures of all the vents. We noticed a difference in the air immediately! By far the best home service experience we have ever had. They did exactly what they promised and it was stress-free! Description of work: Air Duct Cleaning

Mario Belle


Two guys showed up on time, wearing company uniform, they asked me to show where is the dryer located, witch was on the second floor, they disconnected the dryer vent from the machine and went to the attic. Job took about 30 min, after completion they cleaned up the area around and showed me vacuum full of lint. I was told that it hasn't been cleaned for 10 years, though it should be done yearly. I will definitely call OZON next year to service my dryer. Description of work: Dryer Vent Cleaning

Stephanie Wells


Went great, crew came in and did a walk through, told me that job will take 2-2,5 hours. They were very responsive and answered all my questions. In the middle of the process i had to leave to pick up my son, so i left them in the house for 20 min. When the job was done they shared before and after pictures. I was recommended to clean my ducts every 3-5 years. I had great experience and will use this company again. Description of work: Cleaned and sanitized all air vents. Cleaned dryer vent.

Mary Young


Great! Two young men arrived within the window anticipated. I received a phone call approximately half hour prior to arrival. I was shown before and after images throughout the process. Very happy with the service and will use them in the future. Description of work: Air duct cleaning, sanitation and dryer vent cleaning.

Kabir Prakash


Great service, fair price. Recommend this company to anyone. Description of work: Air duct cleaning

Kumar Mukesh


Two guys showed up on time, they explained me the whole process, worked extremely diligent at cleaning of all the vents and main ductwork. During the process they checked the coil, it was slightly contaminated so they proposed to get it cleaned and sanitized free of charge as their special promotion.   I?m very satisfied with the service and will recommend OZON Air Duct Cleaning. Description of work: Cleaned air ducts and vents

Chris Rivera

 2 weeks ago

Great service. Dan explained the entire process and showed me how it worked. Previous owners had cats and the ducts were like fur walls. Amazing how it was all sucked out in 2 hours with no mess

Anima Mohapatra

 1 weeks ago

Serge is the best. Can't say enough good things about him.One of the ducts had a terrible smell. He put the camera in and fished out a soda bottle that had been sitting there for who knows how long. It had turned moldy. He cleaned and sanitized the ducts, even gave me tips on how to maintain the system. I can already smell the difference. Glad I called OZON. I am very satisfied

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