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1/3 of all house fires are caused due to a plugged chimney. A terrible statistics, is not it? According to this statistics the majority of these accidents could be prevented due to timely checking, professional chimney sweep and further maintenance of the chimney by its owner. An ordinary wish to save money in chimney maintenance service may lead to a serious harm to a human life and even to a fatal case. That is why it is so important to keep your chimney, fireplace and chimneystack clean. What exactly can cause so bad consequences? The matter of the fact is that the temperature in your chimney may reach almost 1100°F so wood in the chimney when reaching such a high temperature turns into ash, grime, unburned particles with the fossil residues and soot sticking to the chimney duct. These combustion products clog the parts of the chimney, such as smoke shelf, placing, vent and do not let the smog, toxic fumes and harmful particles escape from the chimney, instead increasing the risk of the combustion. It is not enough to clean the fireplace and accessible part of the chimney yourself. Only professional and deep sweeping is an accident prevention that guarantees your security.

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Do not worry about your floor standing during the sweeping! All the works are done using a protective covering in order to keep your home clean. At the end of chimney sweep our technicians will give you recommendations as for the frequency of this procedure.

Your safety and health are our main goals. Do not hesitate and call right now at 800-362-8302. Our technicians will give you a call 30 minutes before arrival. OZON Air Duct Cleaning’s main features are:

Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning & Sanitization and Chimney Sweep

Complete air duct system cleaning of UNLIMITED vents, returns and main duct lines connected to a single HVAC unit. Using negative air pressure cleaning method (This is the best and the most proper way to get all the dust and debris out of the system.) Full system sanitization, using ENVIROCON product is included.

  • Includes professional dryer vent cleaning with no length restrictions
  • Chimney sweep for 1 flue only
  • Chimney sweep for open fireplace only (not valid for inserts or wood stoves )

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OZON Air Duct Cleaning technicians are true professionals in this field. When we receive a request from the customer, the most frequent inquiry is ‘Chimney sweep near me’. There are local offices in our region, so the crew call doesn’t take much time. Before chimney sweep procedure our workers conduct visual inspection of your chimney (its inner part as well) and choose the appropriate appliances for this service conduction. The brush type, its diameter and the length of the rod that will be fixed to the brush depend on many factors such as size, shape and even the age of your chimney. The work is considered to be done only when our technicians make sure that chimney and venting system are clean and easily passed. To prove it the draft test shall be done.

  • professionalism as we are sure in our specialists and their professional approach
  • honesty as we esteem our customers and want them to become our regular clients
  • carefulness as we realize the degree of responsibility for your life
  • tidiness as we treat our customers with respect and understand that theirs houses shall remain clean despite of all the works we do
  • politeness so our technicians will be pleased to introduce themselves and answer all your questions.

We hope you will choose us, OZON Air Duct Cleaning, one of the best companies in chimney cleaning area. Do not waste your precious time looking for someone else, call us now at 800-362-8302 and spend your time with your family and friends near your safe fireplace.

Ganesh Veeraraghavan

Ganesh Veeraraghavan

1 weeks ago

Review: Excellent job in cleaning the dryer vent! The technician was very professional, understood the extent of clutter first and then did a thorough cleaning job and the dryer started without any issues.

Yusufcan Masatlioglu

Yusufcan Masatlioglu

2 weeks ago

Review: They clean our ducts. The house went through a major renovation. Ducts were filled with dust and nasty stuff. The person went through every single opening so that they can clean throughly. They were professional, clean and punctual. I recommend them.

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