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“Helping homeowners understand NADCA’s recommendations regarding the process of air duct cleaning.”

Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitization will be the most complicated process as it includes several operational stages. Complexity of air duct system cleaning derives from UNLIMITED vents, returns and main duct lines connected to a single HVAC unit. First of all, the technician will get an access to the trunk line close to HVAC-unit as it is required by NADCA standard.

Air Duct Clean - OZON

After that he will connect our HEPA vacuum to one of your main trunk lines. As OZON Air Duct Cleaning uses the negative air pressure cleaning method (the best and the most proper way to get all the dust and debris out of the system), our technician carefully seals return air vent. All return covers and floor vent grills will be removed and our technician will show amount of dust and debris inside your system before the cleaning process using our duct camera. Using ‘Octopus’ agitator connected to powerful air compressor with 200psi of air pressure all dust and debris is forced into the main trunk line where it is pulled out to the vacuum. OZON Air Duct Cleaning technician cleans return and supply branches while connected to the corresponding trunk line. This is essential, as it prevents blowback and ensures the quality of the job. Once the dust and debris have been forced into the main trunk lines, he makes 1” holes to insert compressor air hose with an air whip which loosens dirt from the duct walls and pushes the dust and debris to the vacuum. The technician will show you how your system looks after the cleaning, so you can have ‘before and after’ experience that is required by NADCA standard.OZON Air Duct Cleaning NJ

Air Duct Cleaning

Complete air duct system cleaning of UNLIMITED vents, returns and main duct lines connected to a single HVAC unit. Using negative air pressure cleaning method (This is the best and the most proper way to get all the dust and debris out of the system.)

Be conscious when searching for Air Duct Cleaning NJ – chose only reliable and experienced company like OZON Air Duct Cleaning

The current trend of increasing requests for OZON air duct cleaning NJ and dryer vent cleaning NJ is indicative of arising awareness and consciousness of people. Every year more and more people get concerned with the quality of their life, namely, the quality of the air inside their houses. As we’ve managed to notice people pay due attention when searching for an air duct and dryer vent cleaning company in New Jersey and expect such characteristics as professionalism, reliability, reputation and honesty from the duct cleaning services provider.

Ozon Air Duct Cleaning proposes its customers air duct cleaning reviews that will help to define the volume of work and the price of the services.

Did you know that according to the statistics your indoor air is 70 percent more polluted than the air outdoor? All the dust, pollutions, chemicals (including the household ones), allergens, microbes and mold that get into your house remain locked inside and start to circulate within the air duct system causing allergies, sickness, headache, odors and even asthma. That is why it is critical to keep the air duct system clean.

Air duct cleaning reviews

OZON Air Duct Cleaning offers its services to maintain you r health and will make your house a safe place to live in

If you are interested in the methods of our work and the equipment we use in order to fulfill our principal goal – you are welcome! Stay with us and you will understand how it works. We value our customers, their time and efforts they make to keep their houses clean that is why our technician will give you a call 30 minutes before arrival to be sure you are at home and will take off his shoes when entering your home. Our technician will introduce himself and/or team members. As soon as all the formal requirements are fulfilled our worker is ready to get to work and review the services you have requested.

Sanitizer can be fogged into the trunk lines using our dual tank ULV fogging machine, then your blower motor will be turned on to spread the product (made out of 99% of natural components) around the system to kill all the germs, bacteria and minor mold. Once all the dust and debris are removed from your system, the technician seals all access points with approved rubber plugs to prevent air leakage.

Once everything is sealed we pack all air duct cleaning equipment back to the van, take off the sealant tape of your returns and vacuuming the floor to clean any debris that may have been dropped during the vent cleaning process. When the work is done our technician will inspect each and every vent connected to your system and will review order with you, give you maintenance recommendations.

Ganesh Veeraraghavan

Ganesh Veeraraghavan

1 weeks ago

Review: Excellent job in cleaning the dryer vent! The technician was very professional, understood the extent of clutter first and then did a thorough cleaning job and the dryer started without any issues.

Huixin Zhang

Huixin Zhang

2 weeks ago

Review:  OZON provides high quality service. Serge spent almost 3 hours to perform air duct clean, dryer duct clean and even repair. I feel lucky that I got recommendation from my neighbor. I highly recommend it and will use again next year!

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