Air Ducts Cleaning cost

Being an expert in air duct cleaning, OZON Air Duct Cleaning Company knows everything about the air quality you breathe. For our professionals your house is a network of ducts, hidden inside the walls, under the floor and even in the ceiling. This systems is pretty clear to our experts and they are well aware of the danger it can hide inside the duct.

OZON vent duct cleaners pay special attention to the safety of your house. As NADCA member, we strictly adhere to the standards of air purity as well as the methods of duct vent and dryer vent cleaning. Be sure that all the equipment we use is modern and professional. It can easily cope with the most stubborn contaminants. In the case of need we can also use special chemicals for air duct cleaning, that are environmental-friendly, low-toxic and absolutely safe for people and animals as it is specified with NADCA requirements.

NJ OZON Air Duct Cleaning is a NADCA member 2023

Here at OZON Air Duct Cleaning, your air quality is the most important thing to us.

NJ OZON Air Duct Cleaning Certificate 2023

How much does duct cleaning cost?

First of all, we would like to note that OZON Air Duct Cleaning Company always proposes professional and certified cleaning services for the best prices in your region! Before answering the question of the cost of cleaning air ducts, we would like to notice that this service is not required frequently. Our company guarantees a long-lasting affect after the air duct cleaning, conducted by its professionals. The exact indicators that it is time to conduct professional air duct cleaning are unpleasant odor, visible mold growth, poor traction, clogged filters or traces of insects. All these factors influence on the air ducts cleaning cost.


To summarize, we would like to indicate the main factors that form the price of air duct cleaning:


  • House area
  • Size of the ductwork
  • Number of vents
  • Vents accessibility
  • Contamination rate
  • Replacement of consumables
  • Additional services

As you see, cost of cleaning air ducts cannot be fixed and is calculated in each specific case. To avoid an awkward situation, our specialists can calculate the dryer vent cleaning costs in place before starting their work. After the inspection of your house vent system, you will have understanding of the cost of cleaning air ducts and will get the full list of the required services. We promise, you will be pleasantly surprised with OZON pricing policy and not less satisfied with the quality of the done work!

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