Both elements are not new for the humanity and are well-known for their antibacterial, odor-absorbing, neutralizing properties.

Carbon itself is able to neutralize many types of pollutants and biologicals and successfully copes with this task without any additional chemicals or ozone.


Let us remind you principal benefits that you receive choosing Air Purifying System with OZON Air Duct Cleaning Company:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Absolutely organic and chemical-free operation
  • 99% efficiency of odor absorption (tobacco smoke, cooking smell, pet odor)
  • Neutralization of pathogenic agents (molds, bacterias, fungi, viruses)
  • Second optional UV lamp
  • No chemicals and ozone
  • Cheap maintenance as Photocatalytic Process regenerates the carbon cells so there is no need to clean them or replace
  • Low energy costs

Whole house Ultra Violet Air Purifying system installation

Latest world-wide events made people to overestimate life values and to value their life as never before. Based on our observations people started to take special care of their lifestyle and indoor environment, ordering more regular and sometimes unscheduled air duct cleaning. The demand for HVAC system sanitization has increased and it is quite evident. Our customers struggle for clean and fresh air that is free from dust, odors and microbes and we are ready to provide them with the safe air they want.

Today our company OZON Air Duct Cleaning is pleased to share with you an up-to-date appliance that is able to insure you from the most unpleasant, annoying and sometimes life-threatening ‘enemies’ such as dirt, dust, odors, molds, bacteria and even VIRUSES!

Are you intrigued? Here it is! “APS”– an advanced air cleaning technology, a unique product that has no analogues. Air Purifying System stands for Absorptive Photocatalytic Oxidation and works on combination of UVC Light and Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) carbon cells.


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Air Purifying System construction includes carbon presented by Carbon Monolithic Cells used to increase the surface area absorbing more pollutants and particles. Airborne particles are captured and absorbed with these carbon cells. Photocatalytic coating of on the carbon cells insures an incredibly effective antimicrobial effect that is reached due to reaction of titanium dioxide with UVC Light. This reaction makes it possible to kill microbes, molds, bacteria, fungi and VIRUSES! The spectral region of APS UVC light provides up to 99% surface being sterilized and treated from viruses and bacteria.


Do you still use domestic deodorizers and sanitizers? Take them away right now! OZON Air Duct Cleaning Company proposes a unique solution with a life-time warranty. Yes, you heard right!

We are ready to give a life-time warranty for Air Purifying System appliance with a one- or two-year warranty for its UVC lamp (it’s up to you). There are different models of APSand which one is to be chosen depends on your need and a size of your HVAC contractor. Provided your APS is connected to the HVAC system, it serves as in-duct purifier and provides drain pan irradiation in your furnace. For the air handler applications we highly recommend second optional UV lamp. If you look out for an appliance that can be used for small ducts or you just need it for a closet application – here is Air Purifying System RT. Whatever request you have, OZON Air Duct Cleaning Company is ready to find an appropriate model to match your needs. Don’t forget that our team is always in touch and is willing to give you a professional advice.


APS installation is not a problem for our experts. Make a call, define your “APS” and meet our team at a time convenient to you. Your only task is to provide an access to your HVAC system and enjoy fresh and safe air.

And one of the benefits provided by OZON Air Duct Cleaning Company is its professional support in consulting, Air Purifying System choosing and installation. Feel free to contact us at 800-362-8302 or send your request via e-mail!

Seung Lee

Seung Lee

7 May 2019

I used Ozon dryer vent service in last week. Dan from Jamesburg NJ location was very professional and he was on time for our appointment. Dan even took out his shoes before come into our condo unit! The service was superb and very skilled work done for my dryer vent. I will definetly use their service again next year! Thank you Dan!

Yusufcan Masatlioglu

Yusufcan Masatlioglu

1 weeks ago

They clean our ducts. The house went through a major renovation. Ducts were filled with dust and nasty stuff. The person went through every single opening so that they can clean throughly. They were professional, clean and punctual. I recommend them.

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