A new house – what to start with?

Have you become a new happy owner of a house? Our congratulations! What will you start with? Will you buy furniture first or maybe change the color of the walls? Whatever it is, please, remember that the primary target is not a coziness and comfort, but safety. Read more

It is a high time to conduct air duct cleaning, isn’t it?

How to understand that you really need an air duct cleaning to be done? How to hire a credible company providing vent cleaning services? Air duct cleaning service is a specific kind of work that includes some steps from an advanced air duct cleaning reviews, an air duct cleaning process itself and to the recommendations that the technicians give you when the cleaning is completed. Our technicians of OZON Air Duct Cleaning, air duct cleaning in New Jersey and air duct cleaning in South Jersey, can only give you their advices as for the need of the air duct cleaning, the septic condition of the air inside your house, its HVAC system and regularity of air duct cleaning process. But it is only you who makes an ultimate decision as for the necessity of your air duct system cleaning, based on the arguments of the specialist. Read more

Winter is at hand and it is high time to take care of your chimney sweep

Why is it about time to clean your chimney and a fireplace? How can you identify that your chimney is plugged? Read more

Home, sweet home! But what to do if your house makes you sick and is it possible indeed?

At the end of the XXth century the scientific world starts to talk about the Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS for short, that deals with a range of symptoms that a person experiences while staying in a certain building. The symptoms can be initially mistaken for cold, allergy or groundless weakness that will probably disappear as soon as a person leaves this building. What can a victim of the Sick Building Syndrome feel? The most common and regular symptoms are: Read more


Our company OZON Air Duct Cleaning, being an expert in a vent system cleaning, knows for a fact that your dryer can carry a serious threat for you, your family and your house. Each and every day we deal with dryer vent cleaning and we certainly claim that timely and periodic dryer vent system cleaning is a guarantee of safety and money saving. Let us prove it to you! Read more


When choosing a company rendering air duct cleaning services, please be very attentive not to get on the hook of a fraud. Read more

Process of air duct cleaning

Step by step Description of OZON Air Duct Cleaning process:

    • Step 1 Our technician will give you a call 30 minutes before arrival.
    • Step 2. Our NADCA certified technician greets you introduces himself and/or team members and review the services you have requested.

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1How to clean a dryer vent?

In addition to drying clothes, drying machines must be cleaned of accumulated fibers. This is necessary because this material can cause problems because it blocks the dryer vent, overflows the traps, clogs the holes, and fills the air ducts.
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1We provide air ducts cleaning in Connecticut

For works on air ducts cleaning of dirt / dust and grease, we use the latest equipment.

Why clean the air ducts:
1. Fireproof. It is no secret that dust and dirt accumulate in the ventilation pipes, for which a spark is enough to ignite. A fire in the air ducts is dangerous because the rate of spread of fire is very high, and in a matter of minutes the whole building can be engulfed in flames.
2. Compliance with hygiene standards.
3.  Increase the service life of fans, air conditioners.
4. Comfortable indoor climate.
5. Decrease in incidence.
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1How to clean air ducts and a chimney sweep in house?

The most famous type of chimney works is, of course, cleaning and chimney sweep. Not for nothing because the main tool chimney sweep — ruff with a weft. And the name of the profession is associated with this kind of work. Regular cleaning of chimneys, ventilation ducts, flues — this action is necessary in the same way as cleaning the apartment, cleaning your teeth, hygiene of your own body, etc. A dirty smoke channel leads to fires, to the ingress of carbon monoxide into the room with consequent consequences for the life and health of people. The flue gas chimney sweep should provide a normal air exchange in the rooms, which is possible only with clean channels.
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