Today we are the witnesses of a true struggle between the companies providing HVAC vent cleaning services

The participants of the conflict have separated into two groups: those, who insist on the doubtless efficiency of a duct cleaning truck in the air duct cleaning process and those, who are ready to defend their opinion that a portable vacuum is a better alternative to the duct cleaning truck.

HVAC vent cleaning

Professional HVAC vent cleaning is quite a complicated process that differs much from the ordinary cleaning, conducted by a householder. It requires the equipment of specific capacity and parameters that would be able to eliminate dust and debris from all the corners of the HVAC system.

Our company, OZON Air Duct Cleaning, is a professional company that is specified in the field of residential HVAC cleaning

We are NADCA members and have a long-term experience and multiple satisfied customers in different parts of our country, so we can say we are authorized to give our professional opinion as for the dispute concerning truck mount vacuum Vs a portable vacuum for residential cleaning. Today we would like to consider all pros and cons in this issue.

The most common argument in favor of the duct cleaning truck is the suction of 12000 cfms that it has. It sounds promising. But don’t forget that 100 feet hose that would be running through your house reduces the suction at the end – at your furnace.

So the ultimate suction makes almost 6000 cfms. The suction of the portable vacuum of OZON Air Duct cleaning makes 5000-6000 cfms. No difference, as you see


Of course, there are portable vacuums with less suction of 1500-2000 cfms, but we do not even consider such equipment. Our vacuum that is assigned for the residential air duct system cleaning provides sufficient suction as it has only a few feet hose so the suction is not reduced and entirely equals to the duct cleaning truck final suction.

By the way, the most important equipment that provides effective elimination of the dust and debris is an agitator that operates directly inside the HVAC system. And then all the released dust and debris are extracted from the ductwork under the negative pressure to the vacuum. All the equipment we use in our everyday work completely conform the requirements of the NADCA, so are intended for professional residential air duct cleaning.

In order to make sure we say the truth, please, compare before and after pictures of the professional air duct cleaning conducted by our portable vacuum and a duct cleaning truck

OZON Air Duct Cleaning NJ


Do you find any difference? We also don’t

Our portable vacuum is very easy-to-use and is not so as cumbersome as the duct cleaning truck is. It has no long hose that would run from the truck to your house. It reduces the time of air duct cleaning and doesn’t cause the house members much inconveniences.

The other not less important benefit is the price of the air duct cleaning conducted by the duct truck and the portable unit. The truck mount unit is a very expensive purchase in itself. It requires additional expenses for its maintenance, additional staff as one person is not able to manage with such a unit, the fuel cost are also sagnificany. In comparison the portable vacuum we use does not require all these charges that would probably be included into the cost of the air duct cleaning cost.


Handy, powerful, easy-to-use and compact – that is all about our portable vacuum! Do not miss the time! Call our managers at 800-362-8302 if you still have questions or doubts.


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