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Prasanna Kumar Kodiyedath
3 weeks ago

Review: I recently had my townhome air ducts and dryer vents cleaned by Ozon ; it was Serge who came over and was extremely helpful in explaining the extent of cleaning needed, worked hard to clean my messy ducts and then left us with a clean ducts and vents. Was very friendly , honest and not too pricey. I will be working with Ozon next time for sure

Neil T
3 weeks ago

Review: Everything that was agreed upon prior to the job being performed was spot on. My rep called me prior to arriving to perform the job. When he got to my residence we reviewed where all the work would be performed and he got to it. The job took a little over an hour and at the end he showed me before and after pictures he took of the vents and ducts while making recommendations for sustained clean air flow and maintenance. Great experience all around.

laura straus
3 weeks ago

Review: Ozon Air Duct Cleaning did SUCH a thorough job cleaning my dryer vent. I had used a different company prior, and the build up that had been left behind had become a hazard. Ozon was genuinely concerned about the status of my vent and worked so hard to finish the job the other company hadn't. It was a pleasure working with the company. Their prices are excellent for the extensive job they do. I will absolutely be using them again!

Ganesh Veeraraghavan
3 weeks ago

Review: Excellent job in cleaning the dryer vent! The technician was very professional, understood the extent of clutter first and then did a thorough cleaning job and the dryer started without any issues.

Jerry Beck
2 weeks ago

Review: Prompt, professional, courteous service. Very satisfied with the job.

1 weeks ago

Review: Good job guys!

2 weeks ago

Review: OZON Air Duct Cleaning is definitely my top pick for the best air duct cleaning company. They have quality services which are very affordable.

Lorrie Martin
1 weeks ago

Review: Professional staff. Let everything clean, including the basement.

Janis Sramek
1 weeks ago

Review: Very professional, very courteous, and very careful with the house. It is so nice to breathe clean air!

Yusufcan Masatlioglu
 2 weeks ago

Review: They clean our ducts. The house went through a major renovation. Ducts were filled with dust and nasty stuff. The person went through every single opening so that they can clean throughly. They were professional, clean and punctual. I recommend them.

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