For works on air ducts cleaning of dirt / dust and grease, we use the latest equipment.

Why clean the air ducts:

1. Fireproof. It is no secret that dust and dirt accumulate in the ventilation pipes, for which a spark is enough to ignite. A fire in the air ducts is dangerous because the rate of spread of fire is very high, and in a matter of minutes the whole building can be engulfed in flames;
2. Compliance with hygiene standards;
3.  Increase the service life of fans, air conditioners;
4. Comfortable indoor climate;
5. Decrease in incidence;

Do you need air duct cleaning? Of course, yes!

40% of pollutants enter the room through the  air ducts. The distances between the filters are often too large, and polluted air may not get into these filters. Regardless of the presence of filters into  air ducts, some contaminants in the form of small particles will penetrate from the outside air and settle on the inside surface of the air equipment or enter the room. And that is not all.

Contaminants may collect during the manufacture, transportation, storage and installation of  air ducts equipment, thereby reducing the quality of the incoming air. New  air ducts equipment contains an oil raid. Equipment, transported and stored unpacked, may contain contaminants from outside air and soil. During the installation of  air ducts equipment, cement dust or metal chips may collect in it.

Fertile soil for microbes can be dirt accumulating in  air ducts equipment, on the walls of ventilation channels, on different heating, cooling, moisturizing and air-feeding elements.

Indoor air quality is often affected by operational problems and design errors. In the ventilation ducts that have never been cleaned, you can find anything, ranging from construction waste and ending with the skeletons and excrement of animals. Air ducts contaminated with organic waste can turn into a hotbed of various diseases that spread through the ventilation system of the entire building.


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