Valentine’s Day is coming

And what does it mean? It means that there comes a time of surprises, love confession and romantic dinner. Just imagine it: you and your loved one, only alone, the light of the candles, tasty dinner, nice music, cozy fireplace, sound of fire, warmth… and

unpleasant overwhelming smell of burning wood. Now the whole evening is spoiled. No time for love when there is no fresh air to breath.

We bet you have not made professional chimney sweep, have you? If you just clean your fireplace regularly and think that it is enough, honestly, you are completely off. Ash, grime, unburned particles with the fossil residues and soot stick to the chimney duct and plug it. As the result the burnt particles and smog do not escape from the house. At best you will get upset because of an unpleasant odor and a spoiled evening, but at worst the consequences of the plugged chimney can be close to disastrous.

In order to prevent that from happening you should make sure your chimney is properly cleaned. Just leave it to us – OZON Air Duct Cleaning, the best duct cleaners, NJ.

Our company is a NADCA member and we are very good at what we do!

Our educated technicians conduct professional chimney sweep and will not let your evening to be spoiled.

Call us now at 800-362-8302 as it is high time to take care of your romantic spirit for Valentine’s Day.

And let only LOVE be in your air!

chimney sweep Valentine’s Day is coming

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