Our company OZON Air Duct Cleaning, being an expert in a vent system cleaning, knows for a fact that your dryer can carry a serious threat for you, your family and your house. Each and every day we deal with dryer vent cleaning and we certainly claim that timely and periodic dryer vent system cleaning is a guarantee of safety and money saving. Let us prove it to you!

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We know for sure that almost ¼ of the house fires occur due to the clogged vent house system, in particular, a dryer vent system. During the operation of your dryer the lint may clog the vent system and increase the risk of the dryer vent fires.

In order to avoid such a risk, please, pay your special attention to the following changes in your dryer operation:

  • Your dryer needs more time to make your clothes dry;
  • One dryer cycle is not enough to get the clothes dry;
  • There occur untypical stops during a dryer operation cycle;
  • Your clothes are very hot when you get it from the dryer;
  • There appeared a dampness smell in your laundry or clothes;
  • You notice that the temperature in the laundry is higher during the dryer operation than before;
  • Your dryer becomes warmer to the touch.

Do not ignore these changes and call us right now at 800-362-8302 or leave an application for our technician.

Our professional dryer vent cleaning technicians will make complete cleaning, beginning from a laundry vent cleaning and ending with a cleaning a dryer vent from outside as the lint may clog your dryer vent system anywhere inside the dryer air duct cleaners. As a rule, a professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended to be done once a year. However, correct operable condition of your dryer depends on you too. You wonder what you can do as a regular household user. It is easy, indeed – keep the dryer operation rules, namely:

  • Do not forget to turn off your dryer when the cycle is ended
  • Before and after each cycle check your dryer if the lint is left inside
  • Make sure that the vent is not clogged or covered from outside of your house
  • Put into the dryer only those clothes that are to be dried in the dryer

Be attentive to any changes in your dryer operation and call us in the case you find it suspicious. We will be here to help you!

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