It is doubtful whether there are people who have never faced the problem of the mold in the house.

Those who have detected the traces of the mold or feel the moldy smell know for sure that it is not just a problem, but rather a challenge to a householder. It is an open secret that the rooms that are commonly subjected to mold are bathroom and kitchen, namely the rooms with high humidity in it.

Poorly dried shower curtain or towels may have musty odor and it usually comes with the mold infection. If there appear the spots of mold in the room (usually on the walls) be sure – your house is infected with mold. You heard right, the whole house, not just a separate room.

The matter of the fact is that the availability of the HVAC system in the house implies circulation of the indoor air in each and every room, connected to this HVAC system. This circulation is much more active when you switch your heating or cooling system on, but even if it is inactivated, it does not mean that the air inside stay blocked.

This way the mold spores from the bathroom, for example, can easily get to any other room. But what is more dangerous, they infect the HVAC system as the dust and humidity inside it become a perfect environment for spreading. The only right way to protect yourself from serious health problems is to resort to a help of the professional residential duct cleaning company.

residential duct cleaning

OZON Air Duct Cleaning, NJ duct cleaning company, is a true expert when it comes to the safety of your house.

We deal with multiple problems from the air duct cleaning when a duct work is clogged up to HVAC vent cleaning when the system is infected with the mold or bacteria. As a NADCA member we vouch for high professionalism of our educated technicians, up-to-date equipment that is used for our job performance and low-toxic chemicals that we use in practice.

When we get a call concerning mold in a separate room we realize the magnitude of the problem as we cannot just conduct machinery air duct cleaning, sanitization will be probably required in order to avoid re-infestation.

OZON duct cleaning process will be started with inspection of the HVAC system and determination of the material it is made of. Why is it important? Because mold disinfectants and cleaners will be chosen according to HVAC material type. The second stage of vent cleaning service is understanding of the HVAC construction.

Therefore our technicians conduct professional review and determine the way of cleaning. When the HVAC system is cleaned from the visible dust and dirt, the experts start to use such drastic method as sanitization. Only professional and specially designed mold cleaner is able to eliminate even the spores of the mold. When it is done it is worth to change the filters, to clean the vent covers and to make sure there are no traces of mold.

As you see, HVAC system cleaning, conducted by OZON Air Duct Cleaning, best vent cleaning company, is quite complicated.

Thus, we do not suggest conduct of mold cleaning yourself using materials on hand that are recommended in the Internet, for example. You can remove the traces, but not to eliminate the spores that are intended to get inside the wall. Never keep the things infected with the mold. Even washing of these things, a shower curtain, for example, will not eliminate the problem.

How much does it cost to clean air ducts? It depends on the scope of the work and used disinfectants, filters, etc. If you want to know the price you can make an appointment at or call us now at 800-362-8302. Our technicians will describe the problem and will propose the methods – all these factors will define the price. But let’s face the fact that our health is priceless, so when it comes to health economy it is probably for no good.

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