Cleaning the air duct and vent is carried out in special ways.

If you notice that the ventilation in the house has deteriorated – at first you can try to clean the ventilation duct yourself.

For work it is recommended to use personal protective equipment – gloves, goggles, respirator, “petal”.

Carpet cleaning is just one aspect of enjoying a clean and healthy home. What about your air duct and dryer vent? You wouldn’t believe how dirty they get. Not only is air flow restricted, but your health can be affected.

Because we care about our customer and their whole home, Ozon Air Duct Cleaning, is here to solve your air duct problems.

We use a powerful truck-mounted system that cleans out all the junk. A rotating brush scrubs the walls of the duct, removing any build-up of dust and dust mites. As it’s removed the system collects the debris in our van outside.

Your home is left clean and uncontaminated as both supply and return ductwork are left in great condition.

The stages are as follows:

  1. Remove the ventilation grille. It must be cleaned and rinsed.
  2. Empty the space around the vent.
  3. The floor around the hole is best covered with something – as dust and other deposits can dust out of it.
  4. Using a flashlight visually inspect the site as far as possible. If the house has a monopod and an action camera – these gadgets can seriously help with the examination. Start video shooting, and slide the camera on the monopod into the vent channel.
  5. Manually (in gloves, of course), take out large debris from the channel – if there is one. To work it is necessary cautiously: inside a ventilation channel there can be both nails, and glass, and acting sharp parts of a stone or the frozen solution.
  6. Using a metal brush, scrape off the deposits from the entire surface of the duct.
  7. Use a broom to sweep out the garbage.
  8. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the channel of fine dust.
  9. Replace the grille.
  10. Check if traction has improved.

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