The most famous type of chimney works is, of course, cleaning and chimney sweep. Not for nothing because the main tool chimney sweep – ruff with a weft. And the name of the profession is associated with this kind of work.

Regular cleaning of chimneys, ventilation ducts, flues – this action is necessary in the same way as cleaning the apartment, cleaning your teeth, hygiene of your own body, etc

A dirty smoke channel leads to fires, to the ingress of carbon monoxide into the room with consequent consequences for the life and health of people. The flue gas chimney sweep should provide a normal air exchange in the rooms, which is possible only with clean channels.

The walls of chimneys and ventilation ducts must be clean, smooth, airtight. If they are made of bricks, the masonry should be ideal, without cracks, voids and sagging solutions, the channel cross-section must be constant. Cleaning chimneys, its complexity and frequency, depend on the condition of the walls and the head of the pipe.

The channels must be cleaned regularly to create a normal draft in the pipe to divert fuel combustion products and to ensure the required air exchange. In addition to regular preventive cleaning, emergency cleaning of smoke and ventilation ducts is necessary.

Before the cleaning of the channels, a video survey is conducted to determine the condition of the channels, the nature of the contamination, and the site of the clogging

Based on the results of the survey, the cleaning method and the necessary tools are selected.

When cleaning smoke channels and pipes of fireplaces and fireplace inserts to prevent the soot from entering the room, the fireplace portal is sealed with polyethylene film with the help of paint tape, as it leaves no traces on the surfaces of walls and fireplaces after removal. Cleaning of the channel is carried out with the help of ruff. In the case of dense deposits, a steel scraper is used.

Cleaning of the stoves is carried out with open latches and closed cleaning doors. If the heating ovens do not have cleaning doors, it is necessary to determine the location of the furnace by the design of the furnace, cut out the brick there, clean the oven and install a cleaning door. To clean the chimneys of heating boilers and other household appliances with solid fuel, in the absence of cleaning devices, it is necessary to disconnect the pipes from the chimneys.

Problems in the chimney:

  •  deterioration of traction;
  •  clogged with soot;
  •  blockage of pieces of fallen brick, mortar, construction debris;
  •  clogging of channels with fallen leaves, random objects;
  •  A serious problem is bird nests (sometimes you have to remove several bags of compacted material for the nests from the canal: straw, twigs, etc.);
  •  poor filling of joints with a solution (hot gases pass through the channel, sometimes with sparks, all this creates the possibility of a fire, especially when there are cracks in the pipe masonry).


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