Timely cleaning and Sanitization work in the air ducts is the first step in the prevention of various respiratory diseases, allergic reactions. Time spent cleaning of ventilation and service maintenance several times reduces probability of breakage of power units and the subsequent expensive repair. OZON Air Duct Cleaning provides cleaning services in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey.

Ventilation services include:

  1.  Departure of a specialist (free of charge)
  2. External inspection of ventilation equipment, check of fastenings, connections, broach
  3. Check of electrical connections, voltage, current consumption.
  4.  Checking and, if necessary, adjustment of electrical ventilation drives, control valves, dampers
  5.  Checking the condition of air duct filters
  6.  Checking the condition of the drive belts, adjusting and tensioning them
  7. Checking the state of the protective equipment
  8. Checking the condition of the heat exchanger, cleaning (if necessary)
  9. Lubrication of electric motor and fan bearings
  10. Cleaning the impeller, checking and balancing (if necessary)
  11. Adjustment and adjustment of parameters


    The complex of works on cleaning ventilation and air conditioning includes the removal of dust, grease and other deposits from the internal surface of air ducts, ventilation and other equipment. As the air ducts from the inside are covered with dust. This applies to both natural ventilation systems and mechanical systems, in which individual units and aggregates serve as additional dust collectors.

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