What is a cost of a proper Air Duct Cleaning?
When looking for an air duct cleaning company the customers usually pay their attention to such criteria as company location, work experience, customer feedback.

However, our statistics says that one of the main requests is a cost of a proper air duct cleaning.

What does the cost of the proper air duct cleaning depend on?

And why a low cost of an air duct cleaning should not become a key factor in your choice?

Let us consider the main factors that influence on the cost of a proper air duct cleaning. And the key word here is proper. When we say that our company OZON Air Duct Cleaning provides proper air duct cleaning, we suppose that the cleaning process will be full-scope and professional. Being a member of National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) we realize a seriousness and responsibility of the work we provide.

air duct cleaning cost

NADCA has its requirements as to the equipment that is used during the air duct cleaning, to the used detergents (eco-friendly and safe) and to the level of professional training of our technicians.

We guarantee a high quality of our work as we use only professional equipment, namely, Portable HEPA vacuum, ‘Octopus’ agitator, connected to a powerful air compressor.

The negative air pressure cleaning method is the most effective method when it comes to a proper air duct cleaning.

As you understand, professional cleaning equipment cannot have a low cost and it is the first and the most significant factor in air duct cleaning price assessment. When we conduct sanitization service we involve usage of an ULV fogging machine and Envirocon- product, an effective and low-toxic product that eliminates odor-causing microbes and molds.

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