It sometimes happens that we have uninvited guests in our houses. Now we are talking not about a human, but about a rodent! Rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums are frequent visitors when cold season is coming. When it is getting colder the creatures are actively looking for a cozy and warm place to make a nest, survive the cold and save their offspring in. The most suitable premises in their opinion can be your house: the cracks between the walls, attic, basement and home’s duct work. It is warm and safe inside. But what consequences such cohabitation can lead to?

In our duct cleaning NJ practice we face with various requests of our customers and they do not always deal with the clogged air duct system or chimney.

We also face with such problems as animals in air ducts

In this situation our company OZON Air Duct Cleaning face several duct cleaning issues: to inspect the HVAC system and reveal the place where a rodent has settled or died (both variants are quite common), extract the body of the dead rodent or take a nest away, to sanitize the system and undertake the preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of this situation. It is a common practice when our technicians reveal the leaks in the duct work that should be repaired, otherwise a negative effect on your HVAC system is ensured.
When these creatures settle in the vent system they do not only make inconveniences by understanding of this fact. The animals leave their products of life that have unpleasant odors.

More than that the rodents are disease carriers, do not forget about it!

Of course, it would look a lot worse if a new inhabitant dies in the HVAC system. It is easy to suspect such a problem – you will probably feel a proper smell. When your HVAC system is activated, this odor will circulate in all the whole system and will disorient you as for the place of the trouble. Your task is to switch the system off and follow your nose. In this case our vent cleaning service will not be limited only to extracting a dead rodent from the HVAC system. Our technicians will obligatory disinfect the part of the HVAC system to eliminate the danger.
You can be surprised, but not only the rodents can get into the HVAC system, but your family pet as well. It usually concerns the cats. Their curiosity can play a low-down trick with them. A cat can also run after a mouse running into a HVAC system. This case is a bit more complicated as the most important task will be to save a cat and to keep the HVAC system in good condition.
We believe it is worth to stay with the preventive measures that will help you to secure your house from the rodents in your HVAC system.

Casual HVAC vent cleaning will not be needed if you would keep these recommendations:

1. To plug up the holes in your house. This includes not only the holes in the vent covers, but all the holes between the walls, in the attics and basements. If you are not able to do it alone, engage an expert.
2. If you find out the critters nest in the attic it is desirable to take it away, though it can pitiful.
3. There is a way to prevent the nesting of the critters in the attic and basement – to buy an ultrasonic animal repeller. It is absolutely safe for people. The operation principle is based on emitting a high-frequency sound that is not intercepted by a human but is a powerful repeller for the rodents.
4. Get into the habit to check the availability and wholeness of the vent covers. Remember that the rodents, especially rats and mice need a pinhole to get into the HVAC system.
5. And if you hear a strange sound in the duct work or feel a specific smell, call OZON Air Duct Cleaning, the best vent cleaning company, and be sure in the safety of your family members and your house.
We wish you have only welcome guests in your house and be sure in the safety of the place you live in!

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