At the end of the XXth century the scientific world starts to talk about the Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS for short, that deals with a range of symptoms that a person experiences while staying in a certain building. 

The symptoms can be initially mistaken for cold, allergy or groundless weakness that will probably disappear as soon as a person leaves this building.

What can a victim of the Sick Building Syndrome feel? The most common and regular symptoms are:

  • Headache;
  • Runny or blocked nose;
  • Hard breathing;
  • Dry and red eyes;
  • Skin irritation and rashes;
  • And even such mental disorders as absent-mindedness and inability of attention concentration.

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Provided these symptoms are ignored for a long time the person affected by the Sick Building Syndrome can soon get asthma or other worsenings of health condition.

So what is this SBS about?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health refers this condition with the indoor air quality. Initially this syndrome was associated only with commercial and industrial buildings as they are more subjected to chemical pollutions and it is not surprising.

Exhausted gases pollutions, copy machines, pesticides, cleaning agents that are contained in the air inflict damage to health of people. And what is more depressing, the faulty HVAC system worsens the situation much. The situation with the commercial and industrial sector is more or less understood. But what way does your house carry danger for you?

OZON Air Duct Cleaning, New Jersey duct cleaning company, helps its customers to conquer the Sick Building Syndrome at home every day.

Our technicians eliminate infection, virus and mold points inside the houses, so the indoor air is not dangerous anymore! Our best duct cleaning service provides a full-scope cleaning of the duct systems as well as change of filters that can be airtight due to extreme contamination.

That is why it is so important to conduct regular superior duct cleaning with duct vacuum and sanitization.

Please, bring to notice that our technicians use only ecological and low-toxic products according to NADCA standards as they know that such components as VOCs used in the domestic fresheners and disinfectants will probably lead to the Sick Building Syndrome.

By the way, all the chemicals you use at home or those, used for home renovation, for example, glue, paint, solvent, furniture polish, kitchen and bathroom chemicals, etc. soak into the building materials, furniture and carpets and poison the indoor air.

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So, besides the air duct cleaning nj methods that we can provide as the experts in the air duct cleaning NJ we highly recommend you to undertake the following measures to exclude the Sick Building Syndrome:

  • To be conscious when you buy a new or renovated house;
  • To keep the chemicals outside of your house, in a garage, for example;
  • To air the house, especially after usage of the chemicals;
  • To prevent smoking inside your house.

We wish you and your house good health!

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