Indoor air ducts need regular cleaning,to ensure that the air in the room is always clean, and updated in time.

We are not talking about chimneys that are polluted with soot – the usual need to clean air ducts enough.

In practice, it happens that in many buildings ventilation systems are not cleaned for years (and in conventional apartment buildings – even decades).

In fact, strict deadlines for inspections and cleansing exist only in some industrial enterprises. First of all, this concerns buildings in which the production process leads to a rapid contamination of the system. For example, it is actual in the food industry – hoods in such enterprises tighten fat and flour particles. For such systems, examinations and cleansing can be carried out frequently – and several times a year.

In residential complexes with management companies, as well as in commercial real estate, in which there are no factors that accelerate the contamination of ventilation, the time for regular inspections may be established, usually once every six months or a year. Such work is carried out by employees of the management company (or specialists who act on behalf of the management company – if there is no such profile in its staff).

Self-inspection of ventilation ducts in their homes and apartments is recommended to be carried out periodically, also about once a year. Cleaning – is carried out if necessary.

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