To ensure that the air in the room is always clean, and updated in time – periodically need to clean the ventilation ducts. We are not talking about chimneys that are polluted with soot – the usual air ducts system (both supply and exhaust), too, often should you clean your ducts.

What factors influence how often air ducts should you clean your ducts?

The fact is air ducts develop a build-up of dust, dirt, pet hair, mold, and in some cases rodent droppings and other nasty debris over time. In the air around us there are always small particles of debris that can get into the ventilation duct. For the exhaust duct, this is:

  • dust;
  • fat (which is removed through a cooker hood during cooking);
  • chemical compounds formed with the use of household chemicals (detergents, detergent) and during smoking;
  • other small particles that can get into the ventilation.

Since the air in the apartment is usually clean, the exhaust vent-channel is contaminated relatively slower than the supply air.

If it is a question of ventilation of the supply air (going from street to room) – then the rate of pollution will be much higher. The reason is that the street air is much dirtier than the indoor air (if it is a city).

If a leak exists in the duct work, pests can make their way in and wreak all kinds of havoc in regards to polluted air. How often should air ducts be cleaned? While we’ve given a general timeline above, it really depends on many factors including those above. Clean ducts mean a healthier environment and improved indoor air quality, something important to most homeowners today.

Self-inspection of ventilation ducts in their homes and apartments is recommended to be carried out, also about once a year. Cleaning – is carried out if necessary.

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