In addition to drying clothes, drying machines must be cleaned of accumulated fibers. This is necessary because this material can cause problems because it blocks the dryer vent, overflows the traps, clogs the holes, and fills the air ducts.

Fibers can also be collected around the rollers or fall into the water, packed under the pulleys and drive belt. The result is usually a bad drying of clothes or lack of it at all.

To avoid problems with the accumulation of fibers, periodically cleaning the system of catchers and ducts. To clean the screen of fibers, remove it from the dryer vent. The screen can be located near or below the threshold of the door, or at the top of the dryer vent near the control panel.

The screen can be removed, as a rule, by pulling it upwards from the body of the dryer vent. Remove accumulated fibers, clean the screen, or replace it. Ventilation also collects a large amount of fibers. The maintenance of the dryer vent also includes the removal of dust and lint from the ventilation, the cleaning of the exhaust outlet. To clean the screen, remove the collar that holds the hole in the collar, or loosen the screws that hold the collar. Clean the screen thoroughly or replace it with a new one if necessary.

How to clean a dryer vent

To clean the exhaust vents on your own, use cleaning brushes (sold in hardware stores) to remove as much nap and fibers as possible from their accumulation sites.

Also check the air duct to make sure that the air ducts are not clogged and are not clogged in places of bends and turns. Clogging causes excessive strain on the dryer vent fan systems, and this can cause drying problems. If the vent pipe or tube is plugged with fluff or fibers, remove or clean the duct with a flexible hose through the vent holes.

Disassemble duct connections to remove debris. Using the procedure of using flexible hoses, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire system in order to find the places of blockage. You can prevent problems before they become too serious by providing routine maintenance for your tumble dryer vent, thermostat, timer, and other frequently used parts.

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