Pests Inside the HVAC System: Harmless Neighborhood or True Danger?

OZON Air Duct Cleaning is a professional company that is specialized in a full-scope air duct cleaning. Every day our qualified technicians face various problems of the customers: a clogged HVAC system, improper cooling or heating inside the house, preventive chimney sweeping before or after the heating system, dryer failure due to the clogged dryer vent system, poor health and spontaneous allergic reactions.

However, the most complicated task to fulfill that can sometimes become a real challenge is the pests’ invasion.

Some pests like insects cause just inconveniences when they appear before the householders, but such insects as cockroach can cause problems as they are the carriers of infections. The rodents in comparison pose much more danger to the health of the householders as well as to the HVAC system of the house.

how to keep birds out of dryer vent

First of all, they can also become a seat of the infection. What is more, they can easily damage the duct work when biting the hole through the duct work on their way to the place of the destination. The larger the pests are, the more problems they may cause. Thus, the raccoons and birds like to make the nests in the HVAC system, so there is not only the danger of infection or allergic reaction and the duct work injury, but also the noise and smell they emit.

            How to protect yourself from undesired neighborhood and what preventive measure to undertake?

Please, follow our advice list if you want to avoid such a problem:

– Make it a habit to conduct house inspection once a couple months. What to look for? Make sure there are no visible holes in the duct work, vent covers and the walls of your house. Even the most insignificant hole can become an entry for a mouse or a rat.

– Observe the attic and basement thoroughly as these are favorite places for nesting of birds and raccoons. Remember that they are looking for warmth and silence.

– Try not to leave the rests of the food and water in the kitchen for the night. It would be great if you would also wipe dry a kitchen work surfaces and a sink. Even the crumbles and the drops of water can attract the cockroach.

– Be attentive to the strange findings that can resemble the feces of the pests. If you find any, don’t miss the time and call for the experts.

– Strange smell from the HVAC system is also a warning sign – do not ignore it. The smell can originate from the body of the dead rodent. Only professional observation of the system can prove the concerns.

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Based on our experience and professional knowledge we claim that only professional air duct cleaning, conducted by the experts, like OZON Air Duct Cleaning is able to release your HCAC system from the pests and the consequences they cause.

When we get a call concerning pests invasion, we always explain that such service provides a full-scope air duct observation (inspection for the possible damages of the system), cleaning, obligatory treatment (elimination of waste products like urine traces, feces and body parts) and sanitization. Only such an approach can guarantee a sufficient result that will make your home a safe and a clean place to live.

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