Our life is full of surprises and changes and it is great, otherwise it would be boring. Almost every day is a new challenge: new tasks and opportunities, promotion at work or job loss, achievements or failures, move to the other house. Whatever it is, these changes take our forces and we can never be fully ready when something is happening. However, sometimes we can make these changes become more comfortable for us. Let’s imagine that you are moving into a new house in New Jersey.

Air duct cleaning process

This event is quite anxious and requires preparation and planning. So pick yourself up and stick to the plan we recommend.

Of course the best option is to move into an empty house. In this case you are free to organize your space the way you like. But do not hurry! The first and the main things you have to do in a new house are to hire New Jersey air duct cleaning company and to conduct an advanced air duct cleaning reviews.

Only professional HVAC cleaners are capable of inspecting the HVAC system, including cleaning flex duct. Air duct cleaning process conducted by OZON Air Duct Cleaning will involve usage of HEPA duct cleaning vacuum, negative air pressure cleaning method and special sanitizers that are efficient in mold and fungi removal.

Believe it or not, but a HVAC system is full of this sort of things and can cause great health problems for a new houseowner.

If you are intended to make renovations (to change the wallpapers or paint the walls), please, do it before professional air duct cleaning as home renovation will probably clog the duct system with the dust and fine construction debris.

When changing the wallpapers be very attentive! There can be traces of molds and fungi on the walls and you should not leave them. These microorganisms find comfortable facilities for breeding in the HVAC system and change of the wallpapers or a new painting cannot eliminate the problem. Only professional products are able to deal with it. OZON Air Duct Cleaning possesses specialized low-toxic chemicals that work extremely well with this problem.

When the task is completed you can proceed doing professional HVAC system cleaning.

NOTE: When choosing the materials for house renovation we highly recommend you to give your preference to environmentally friendly materials.

OZON Air Duct Cleaning will also provide such vents cleaning services as air duct cleaning, furnace chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, air conditioner duct cleaning, change of filters. Each and every type of the provided service is critically important for you and your family. We repeat again and again that our HVAC system is the lungs of your house!

And only when the HVAC system is cleaned, it is time to buy furniture and to make comfort.

No changes are dangerous and anxious when you are prepared for them! Our company OZON Air Duct Cleaning, NJ, being a member of NADCA, is ready to make favorable and safe conditions for your moving into a new house!

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