Residential duct cleaning becomes more and more popular today

Multiple videos and articles show the hidden danger inside the houses and demonstrate the poor consequences they can lead to. Allergy, asthma, dizziness, groundless sickness – this is not a list of horrification on the part of mass media or the health workers. These are real effects of the impurity of the indoor air.


We, OZON Air Duct Cleaning, NJ Air Duct Cleaning company, perform complete HVAC system cleaning. We offer our customers complete duct cleaning in NJ that includes cleaning of the heating system, dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweeping. The methods we use are advanced and foresee complete and safe cleaning of your HVAC system.

OZON Air Duct Cleaning is a NADCA member. NADCA is National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Being NADCA member means that our company follows NADCA requirements and standards, the global standards for assessment, cleaning and restoration of the HVAC system.

In our air duct cleaning activity we completely follow a higher standard of cleaning; the materials we use are low-toxic and absolutely safe for people.

This way we can be easily called a reputable New Jersey duct cleaning company that provides its services in an honest and professional manner

HVAC cleaning

Duct cleaning process conducted by our certified duct cleaners begins with the air duct review. The technicians evaluate the impurity level. With the help of the special equipment they manage to reach the most remote and inaccessible places. The exterior cleanness is not an indicator of the indoor air purity and safety. Even if your vent covers are clean and you still do not feel any smell in the house, you never know what is inside the duct system.

For more than seven years of our air duct cleaning activity we know for sure what can cause the most significant problems with your well-being. The most dangerous inside your HVAC system are bacteria. You wonder why? Because bacteria never appear on the wall, life molds for example. They are invisible and have no odor, but cause serious illnesses.

When they get into the HVAC system, they clip on its surface and start to breed, keeping circulation inside the house air duct system. What room will they reach? A kitchen? A living room? No, they will reach each and every corner of your house! You will never feel it like a smell them out and see them. The only alarming symptom in this case is feeling sick.

Have you notices that you or someone of your family has illness symptoms inside the house? It can be a running nose, sneezing, red eyes or just strange weakness. Make no stay! Call OZON Air Duct Cleaning right now at 800-362-8302 and let the certified duct cleaners do their work.

            When it comes to a chimney there will be little difficulty in realizing if your chimney is clogged or not

Of course, it is highly undesirable to carry it to a condition when you feel the burning smell. We always say that timely professional cleaning is the most reasonable investment into your health. Nevertheless, if you feel the smell of the burning wood or you already see the smog in the air, remember that fire is a good servant but a bad master!

If you doubt whether it is a high time to make chimney sweep, call us and our technicians will reveal the real situation. Even if you clean your fireplace yourself (that is a good preventive measure though), you will never reach the vent.

Only professional technicians can make chimney sweeping with the help of flexible rods and specially designed brushes that leave no chances to the internal impurities. We highly recommend conducting of chimney sweeping before and after the season and of course in the case of any need.

What else can pose a danger to your life and health in your house? Do not take a guess as we know for sure – your dryer vent. Yes, your dryer can also be a reason for such disaster, like fire. The lint from the clothes you dry in your dryer tends to flock and clog the vent system. It can lead to spoiling of your clothes at the best case and even to the fire.

The first signs you should pay attention to are longer drying cycle and higher temperature of the clothes at the end of the cycle. Have you notices such tendency? Call the technicians of OZON Air Duct Cleaning!

            In any case, you can never exclude the necessity of the advanced and professional HVAC system cleaning

But you are able to postpone the call of the specialist. Here are our hints for you:

  • Clean your house and air it after using chemicals
  • Air your house if someone is sick
  • Vacuum the vent cover when you vacuum your house
  • Take off the lint if you find it in your dryer
  • Clean the fireplace and do not use wet woods

And if you find something suspicious call us at 800-362-8302. It is always easier to prevent the trouble than to deal with the consequences.

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