Step by step Description of OZON Air Duct Cleaning process:

    • Our technician will give you a call 30 minutes before arrival.
    • Our NADCA certified technician greets you introduces himself and/or team members and review the services you have requested.

  • Step 3. When entering your house technician will take off his shoes and inspect each and every vent connected to your system.
  • Step 4. 8” access holes will be cut close to the HVAC unit into each trunk line.  This is National Air Duct Cleaners Association standard and these holes are sealed air tight upon completion of our service.
  • Step 5. With the access holes cut, we can now connect our HEPA vacuum to one of your main trunk lines (It will be switched to a different opening during the process).
  • Step 6. The technician carefully seals return air vents before cleaning to maximize negative air pressure.
  • Step 7. All return covers and floor vent grills will be removed and we will show amount of dust and debris inside your system before the cleaning process using our duct camera.
  • Step 8. Using “Octopus” agitator connected to powerful air compressor with 200psi of air pressure all dust and debris is forced into the main trunk line where it is pulled out to the vacuum.  We clean return and supply branches while connected to the corresponding trunk line.  This is essential, as it prevents blowback and ensures the quality of the job.
  • Step 9. Once the dust and debris has been forced into the main trunk lines, we make 1” holes to insert compressor air hose with an air whip which loosens dirt from the duct walls and pushes the dust and debris to the vacuum.
  • Step 10. The Technician will show you how your system looks after the cleaning, so you can have “before and after” experience, that is required by NADCA standard.

Air Duct Cleaning before and after

  • Step 11. Sanitizer can be fogged into the trunk lines using our dual tank ULV fogging machine, then your blower motor will be turned on to spread the product (made out of 99% of natural components) around the system to kill all the germs, bacteria and minor mold.
  • Step 12. Once all the dust and debris are removed from your system, the technician patches access holes with galvanized sheet metal, screws in accordance with NADCA standards and seals the patch with aluminum foil tape.
  • Step 13. The technician seals all access points with approved rubber plugs to prevent air leakage.
  • Step 14. Once everything is sealed we pack all air duct cleaning equipment back to the van, take off the sealant tape of your returns and vacuuming the floor to clean any debris that may have been dropped during the vent cleaning process.
  • Step 15. When the job is complete technician reviews order with you, gives you maintenance recommendations and can change air filter if you have one available, if not we can determine the size of the filter required and suggest where can you find it.
  • Step 16. Please go online and review our service on one of multiple resources where you could have found our company.

Process of air duct cleaning

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