Professional air duct cleaning service proposed by OZON Air Duct Cleaning to its customers is a complex procedure that includes HVAC system inspection, cleaning of the ductwork from the dust and debris, change of the filters (if needed) with the final stage being deodorizing or ductwork sanitizing.

Being NADCA members

We follow the requirements of this association and state that all the equipment and products that are used by us for professional vent cleaning NJ are most advanced, high-performance and absolutely safe for people and animals.

The product we use for ductwork sanitizing is not an exclusion. EnviroCON is a very effective and active agent that is directed at elimination of mold, mildew, bacteria, funji and algae. EnviroCON removes the musty odors typical for the molds and infections and eliminates the center of infection.


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The product removes the molds and bacteria and keeps the sanitizing and antimicrobial effect for some more time. This result can be achieved thanks to a chlorine dioxide release effect.

Though it is quite an efficient and powerful product it has a tremendous advantage over the similar sanitizing agents –

EnviroCON is absolutely safe for people

It is non-toxic that means that it can cause no damage to the health both of those who work with it, and for the family members who live in the treated space. Its safety rate is controlled by the EPA. EnviroCON has no masking agents or perfumes in the composition. The odors are eliminated only due to the antimicrobial effect. The producers do not also use the harmful propellants or other dangerous components during the production, so this sanitizing agent is eco-friendly and makes no harm to the environment.

While conducting professional vent cleaning NJ our technicians diffuse the sufficient amount of EnviroCON with the help of the fogging machine that would cover the whole surface of the HVAC system of the house. The fogging machine diffuses the product not leaving the non-treated areas, so the result will be the most effective and stable.

The frequency of EnviroCON ductwork sanitizing depends on many factors associated with the addiction to the mold infection, the condition of the HVAc system (the older the system is, the more chances that it can be infected with the mold and bacteria), the frequency of the professional air duct cleaning (if the householder conducts regular professional air duct cleaning the clogging and infection of the HVAC system is usually minimal). Our technicians of OZON Air Duct Cleaning recommend the customers to conduct EnviroCON sanitizing at least once a year. If there are family members who suffer from the allergies or asthma, we highly recommend treatment of the HVAC system with the EnviroCON each 6 months. This preventive measure can ease the allergic manifestation.

Let us remind that the vent system sanitization using EnviroCON is not a separate service conducted by OZON Air Duct Cleaning.


Effective Product for Ductwork Sanitizing


It is a final stage of the professional air duct cleaning.

Once you book an appointment with us you get detailed information as for HVAC system cleaning (if requested). Do not hesitate to contact our manager if you have any question or doubts.

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