Professional air duct cleaning has been considered an effective preventive measure for allergies and asthma treatment. There is a statistics that the asthmatics who conduct regular air duct cleaning at home feel better.


The humanity appeared long and long ago. Thousands of years of evolution have made a human an adapted being who has managed to adapt to the severe earth conditions. The type of human we are today is the result of a long-time development. Modern human is almost a perfect creature with spacious mind and high addictiveness level. However, people always were vulnerable to the diseases that existed in this or that period of time. The diseases also evolved along with the people.

What does the humanity have today?

Unbelievable technology progress, space conquest, developing medicine and allergies and asthma in the top of the world diseases. Are you surprised?

Air Duct Cleaning - before

Yes, the cancer, coronary heart diseases are still in the leaders too, but allergies and asthma are steadily fighting for the first place. Nowadays, almost every third man has allergy reaction to the pollen, dust, tobacco or pets. If the allergy is not treated it can turn into the asthma sooner or later and the prospective is not very promising.

We are not the scientists or health professionals, but we know what we say. OZON Air Duct Cleaning is a professional company that is specialized in the air duct cleaning. In our everyday practice we meet people, suffering from the allergies and asthma that was caused by various allergens. And we know how to help them proposing an advanced air duct cleaning. We cannot propose you the way to keep your safe outdoors, but we can suggest you how to make your home safe. Pointing to the statistics again 2/3 of the free time a man usually spends at home. And a home is generally believed to be a place with no obvious allergens, but for the pets.

There are no trees growing inside your house, so there is no pollen source and if no one is smoking at home you would also be in a safety. But that’s not exactly true.


All the air circulation inside your house HVAC system gets from the outside environment. In the other words all the allergic particles from the street – the pollen, car exhaust gases, industrial waste if you live in an industrial city, for example, get into your house HVAC system and circulate round the clock. Let’s also note the allergens that exist inside the house, we mean tobacco smoke, dust, pets hair, molds and other examples that worsen situation. A part of the particles we have already named settle on the surface of the HVAC system and the rest start to circulate within. Of course, it is impossible to create absolutely contamination-free conditions, but it is in our power to make the most comfortable house climate for people suffering from the allergy or asthma.

The most reliable way to reach the goal is an advanced air duct cleaning.

Our technicians conduct a full-scope work in order to weed the HVAC system and attain the purity of the surfaces. Our professional equipment allows us to get to the most remote parts of the duct work, to relieve the settled particles and derive them with the help of the powerful vacuum. If during the work the traces of molds will be revealed, our technicians will probably use special agent that is quite effective but not toxic for people. Anyhow, sanitization is a final stage in our air duct cleaning process. Change of filters is also a highly-recommended procedure to do. The filters usually detain the dust and the allergen particles but do not neutralize their affect. Regular and proper air duct cleaning of the house favors the alleviation of the symptoms of the allergy and asthma. Positive feedback from our customers is the best evidence of our words.

In case you are wondering how the HVAC system looks after the advanced air duct cleaning conducted by OZON company, you can review before and after pictures. As they say, better once to see, than hundred times to hear.

air duct cleaning before and after

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