National Air Duct Cleaning Association has severe competitive conditions when choosing an applicant for its certification. Yet far from each NJ deodorizing company can boast its National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) membership.

The association draws its special emphasis to the high quality of the technicians, availability of the professional equipment and what is the most precious to our mind –

safety of the product a NJ deodorizing company use during its job performance.

NADCA members understand that the air duct cleaning companies conduct their service in the premises where people live or work so they strictly verify the level of toxicity and safety of the sanitizing products. The availability of the certificate issued by NADCA is an assurance that the company takes care of the safety and health of its customer.


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We, OZON Air Duct Cleaning, being a NADCA member, give the priority to the quality of our work as we realize that it is directly related to the state of health of those who trust us their homes. As the professionals in this field we can declare that only professional air duct cleaning is able to provide safety and purity of the HVAC system.

When our technicians arrive to the customers, they always conduct a revision of the system.

They sometimes notice that the householder tries to keep his HVAC system in order himself. It is not a bad idea though. Of course, some cleaning procedure shall be done by a professional, but there is always to do for the householder.

So what can a householder do himself:
– Inspect visible parts of the HVAC system as to its entirety;
– Clean the vent covers (as often as required – if the vent cover is already clogged, it would be better to clean it more often);
– Clean the parts of the conditioning system that is accessible and is to be maintained by an owner;
– Be attentive to uncommon odor. If you feel a musty odor, it is a high time to order professional cleaning by a specialist;
– After a professional air duct cleaning it is recommended to maintain the result.

If a householder wants to use a sanitizing product – he is welcome.

Individual treatment of the problem areas will ensure a longstanding effect and reduce the risk of the recontamination with molds. But the householder is to be very attentive when choosing a sanitizer. There are some tricks of the deodorizing agent choice.

The most important characteristics of the sanitizing/deodorizing agent are effectiveness and safety. The product shall not masque the odor but eliminate the source of the problem. The sanitizing agent we use in our everyday work is EnviroCON. It is approved by EPA and is absolutely safe for people and animals. Due to its chlorine dioxide release-process the molds and other organisms are destroyed at the origin. EnviroCON was specially designed for the HVAC system cleaning, so it successfully copes with its task.

The next property of special attention is an application method.


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The product we use requires no special protective measures during the treatment.

It is diffused within the HVAC system and requires no more additional acts. When a householder chooses a sanitizing agent for independent use, it is worth to read the application method thoroughly.
EnviroCON that we use has a long-lasting antimicrobial effect and protects the treated surfaces from the molds, mildew and bacterial growth for a long time. But this effect is not typical for all the sanitizers and deodorizers that are available on the market.
Well, anyway, only professionals like we are can be sure in the efficiency and safety of the products we use.

Our long-term experience allows us warrant the result we promise to our customers.

Such fact as a membership of NADCA is a significant achievement in the field of the professional air duct cleaning.

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