How to prevent the dryer from burning?

Very often fiber accumulates in the clothes dryers and they light up.

Most often, the fibers burn inside the dryer, leaving a burning smell and damaging the device. However, sometimes the fire spreads, destroying the home, things, and sometimes the lives of people! Here are some measures you can take to prevent this from happening.

1. Clean the fiber shutter. Clean the fiber flap EVERY time you load the dryer! Even if there are very few fibers and threads, remove them. This is a good habit.

2. Check the vent hose. Make sure the vent hose is in good condition. If you have a white plastic vent hose, replace it immediately! It is not safe and prohibited by law. Use an aluminum hose. It should be as short as possible, without dents and bends.

3. Clean the ventilation pipe regularly. It is very important that the ventilation pipe (it leads from the wall near which the dryer stands to the external valve) is not blocked. Clogging will greatly increase the risk of fire. If you cannot clean the pipe yourself, call the wizard. Many chimney cleaning companies offer this service.
4. Keep clean the place where the dryer is. If the dryer still lights up, it is impossible for the fire to spread further and destroy your home. Make sure there are no clothes, boxes, cleaning products near the dryer. Also, you can not put anything on the dryer.

5. Clean the threads regularly from the dryer. Periodically, the dryer must be opened and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Most modern dryers are designed so that the owner is not so easy to open them. If you do not know how to open and assemble the tumble dryer, you will need the help of a master technician. Every time the dryer is repaired, ask the wizard to clean it. In any case, this procedure is part of the obligatory service.

6. Ensure that the gas pipe is in good condition. If you have a gas dryer, you should follow the gas pipe. If the pipe is old and not credible, it is better to replace it. Putting the dryer in place, do not bend the pipe.

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